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Amazon Workspaces

Access Your Working Desktop Everywhere

What is Amazon Workspaces? 

Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed Desktop-as-a-Service solution for Windows and Linux that lets you access resources from any supported device anywhere and anytime.


How it works:

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Empower your remote workforce and react quickly to changing conditions with access to apps and desktops from anywhere.


Strengthen security by storing user data on AWS instead of vulnerable endpoint devices.

Optimize costs with on-demand, pay-as-you-go scaling with a range of compute, memory, and storage options.

Reduce downtime with fully managed application delivery and highly reliable AWS infrastructure designed for 99.9% uptime.

Use cases
  • Onboard contingent workers

Enable work-from-home and remote workers to access fully functional Windows and Linux desktops from any location.

Easily assign and remove desktops for contractors while keeping your sensitive data secure in the cloud.

Provide high-performance desktops for developers and engineers to store and access proprietary models, designs, and code.

Enable contact center agents to work from anywhere with a secure, easy-to-use agent experience.

  • Let contact center agents work from anywhere

  • Run powerful desktops

  • Facilitate remote work

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