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Protect Your Mobile App With AppCAMO

World First MOBILE APP SECURITY Standard Platform

Why Choose AppCAMO

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Industry First 4-Layered Protection

AppCAMO uses 4-layered protection technology to ensure proactive defense of your mobile apps.

100% Developed with Our Own Technologies

AppCAMO developed by our professional developer in cybersecurity.

First Corporate Mobile Apps Security Standard Platform

We build the corporate mobile apps security standard platform for the first time in this industry.

Korea's 70% Smartphone Subscribers use Apps protected by AppCAMO

Apps protected by AppCAMO are being used reliably in 70% of Korea's smartphone.

Web Browser

Ease of Use by Web Browser

AppCAMO is based on a web GUI that allows users to intuitively select and apply various security technologies with just clicks.

Multiple Apps Management Technologies

AppCAMO provides management technologies including User Management, Keystore Management, Project Management, Task Management, Bulletin Board, and Statistics.

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Mobile Vulnerabilities

Mobile application security as the most fundamental cyber security tool

Mobile applications or apps are becoming a popular channel for organizations to serve their customers, HOWEVER:



97% of top 100% paid apps on Google Play have been hacked.



75% of all mobile apps will fail basic security test.



Over 90% of app hacks are reported to be manipulated by the app's source code.

Developer Security Challenges

Mobile cyber security challenge for most developer

Not all developers are security expert and most developers simply follow standard practice they found online.

Open-source libraries are intended for general purpose requirements, hence it might be more than the App needs.

Most hackers look for the weakest link instead of attempting to break the strongest security.

Security breaches keep happening with no indication of slowing down.

Developer Security Challanges

4-Layered Protection

Simple way to secure your mobile app with powerful protection

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Layer 1 – Decompile Version

Prevent hacking by deterring the restoration of source code from the most popular decompilers such as APKTool and DEX2JAR.

Layer 2 – Encryption

Encrypt DEX so that the source code created by the developer is not exposed by the decompiler, and it decrypts and executes only in a safe environment at runtime.

Layer 3 – Obfuscation

Obfuscate the names of classes, methods and fields. It makes the decompiled source code harder to understand.

Layer 4 – Repackaging Prevention

Prevent hacking by causing errors in the final stage of hacking, assuming that source code is extracted by a very powerful decompiler.

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