Search Intelligence & Profiling

What's DarkTracer Can Do?

DarkTracer is the Darkweb threat intelligence platform. Designed to monitor and trace malicious activities in Darkweb and Deepweb

Search keyword and use 40+ indicators from billions of Big Data of DarkTracer.

Search threat information, trace relations between data, and store suspicious clues in visualized canvas. This is the easiest way to do threat intelligence profiling.

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Leaked account search

Credential Lookout enables identifying leaked accounts exposed to the Deep web, searching on database with billions of records collected through Deep web OSINT.

By identifying leaked accounts, prevent unauthorized uses and protect your organizations data

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Keyword Monitoring

Register keyword and monitor latest darkweb contents where registered keyword has been found.

URLs containing the keyword are retrieved. When click the link, detail information and HTML viewer will help you follow up current updates.

Compromised data search

Compromised Data Set allows searches leaked information from compromised devices. Compromised Data Set is based on big data from compromised devices collected through Deep Web OSINT.

By identifying compromised devices, prevent unauthorized uses and protect your organizations data

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Darkweb Data Collection

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Case-based Profiling

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Search Intelligence

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Leaked Account Search

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40+ Indicators

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Metadata Extraction

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Keyword Monitoring

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Real-time update

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User-friendly UI

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Compromised Data Search

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HTML Viewer

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Detail Info

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Content Analysis

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File Downloadable

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OSINT Techniques Impeded

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Linkable Information

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Graph Interface

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Data History Support

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