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What is FrontlineXpert Suite ?

FrontlineXpert Suite is our enterprise productivity platform with fully integrated AR solutions. It uses the latest wearable computing technology to streamline manual work processes in any industry. In a world increasingly split between those who have digitalized and those who haven’t, FrontlineXpert Suite brings your desk-less workforce into the future.

FrontlineXpert Suite - AR Guide Maintenance

FrontlineXpert Suite Advantages

FrontlineXperts Suite - AR Platform Safety Maintenance


Streamlined and digitized processes


Graphical step-by-step guidance


Integrated documentation steps


Intuitive learning experience

Our Solutions


Use Case of Our Solutions

Optimize logistics processes with
Frontline xPick

Digitalize Manual Logistics

Manual logistics processes are the critical link in any supply chain. But when humans are involved, the potential for errors will always be there. By digitalizing your processes, you can future-proof:

  • When combined with smart glasses, xPick frees up a worker’s hands so they can ‘pick-by-vision’. Supports manual order picking, inventory control, and most other logistics processes

  • Working hands-free means your workers perform tasks quicker and with fewer errors. The intuitive graphical interface ensures quick implementation and acceptance

  • Optional components including weight control, barcode scans, localization, and voice command broaden the range of possible applications

Accelerate manufacturing with Frontline xMake

Digitalize manufacturing processes with make-by-vision

xMake digitalizes the following processes, helping to reduce human error and staff workload:

  • Innovative ‘make-by-vision’ AR solution that ensures faster assembly by replacing paper manuals with instructions in the user’s field of view

  • In-built quality assurance thanks to sophisticated cameras and sensors that ensure perfect results for each step in the assembly

  • Interface can be quickly and easily configured according to language and the specific process requirements ensuring rapid adoption

Digitalize inspection and maintenance with Frontline xInspect

Digitize maintenance procedures for faster, error-free work

Say goodbye to complex maintenance manuals and get all the relevant information in a user’s field of vision. With xInspect, you’ll digitize these time-consuming manual processes:

  • Complete time-consuming inspection, service, and maintenance tasks faster with our ‘inspect-by-vision’ tool

  • No more complex maintenance manuals – diagnostics, documentation, and trouble-shooting guides all appear in the wearer’s field of vision, freeing up their hands

  • Hazard warnings are displayed prominently, ensuring safer working practices

Virtual troubleshooting from anywhere with Frontline xAssist

See-what-I-see solution
for instant knowledge transfer

Avoid costly operational downtime by enabling your employees to access expert help directly via their smart glasses and troubleshoot using AR features, thus keeping their hands free for the task at hand. Leverage purposely built AR features such as:

  • Streamlines the support process – the remote expert sees what the on-site technician sees and can give instructions in real time

  • Downtime is minimized and knowledge can be passed through the organization so productivity is increased

  • Multiple users can be added to the call enabling external experts to provide assistance

Tackle Your Challenges

With our FrontlineXperts Suite maintanance solutions


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