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What is Chatbot?

A technology designed to carry out intellectual conversations in text and voice. Can be used across many chatting platforms, such as email, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram, Website, and Mobile App.

Why Chatbot?

Responsive 24/7

Automation System

Reduces Cost

Chatbot can give a quick and precise response to all the inquiries from your customer or client for 24/7

With an automated system, Chatbot can be set to answer all the repetitive or same inquiries such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) easily

Reduces all the cost used for answering opportunities by using Chatbot

Handling Many Customers

A big number of customers is not a problem for Chatbot to give a fast and precise response

Personal Touch

Personalize your Chatbot to make your customer or client feels more comfortable while inquiring

...and many more!

What Can Chatbot Do?

Auto Answer
Transaction Tracking
Acquire Data Analytic
Order Automation
Product Listing
Social Media Integration

...and many more!

Chatbot Can Be Implemented for:

Not only for Customer Service, Chatbot can be used for any uses such as Human Resources, Commerce, Billing, Queueing, and many more...!

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