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Best-in-class enterprise backup solution

Veritas NetBackup GUI Dashboard

Delivers High Performance and Cost Savings

Veritas NetBackup Cyber Resilient Vector

Cyber Resilient

Recover business-critical data with active cyber defenses.

Veritas NetBackup Hybrid Cloud Optimized Vector Elements

Hybrid Cloud Optimized

Manage and eliminate the complexity of hybrid multi-cloud environment.

Automated Operations Veritas NetBackup Vector

Automated Operations

Deliver more cost-effective and sustainable data protection.

Veritas NetBackup Industry Leader Vector

Industry Leader

Veritas is a consistent leader helping enterprise customers for 30 years.

Close the Gaps in Your Cyber Resilience Strategy

With NetBackup, you can rest assured that your data is safeguarded against ransomware attacks through a proactive and multi-layered approach that extends beyond enterprise backup solutions. This comprehensive solution provides an added layer of defense to ensure the protection of your valuable data.


Data integrity with storage-agnostic immutability

Adaptive MFA and MPA based Risk Engine

Military-grade encryption in transit and at test


Threat mitigation from edge to core to cloud

Complete infrastructure and data visibility

AI-Powered anomaly detection and automated malware scanning


Orchestrated and automated recovery at scale

Visibility of last-known-good malware free-backups

Zero-ransom, clean recovery

Cyber Resilience on Veritas NetBackup GUI
Veritas NetBackup User Illustration
Veritas NetBackup User Interface

Manage data easily with hybrid cloud management.

Scale performance and data protection across all applications and environments from one interface. Leverage hybrid cloud intelligence to enhance security and operational simplicity while reducing cost.

Simplify data management with a single enterprise-class data protection platform operating in the cloud and on-premises.

Use fast and flexible deployment with hardened, multi-layer security through NetBackup Powered Appliances.

Expand backup and recovery support for cloud-based workloads.

Add secure, immutable cloud storage quickly and easily

Make operations simpler and automated.

Streamline enterprise backup solutions while ensuring constant protection and data optimization during recovery. Manage resources more efficiently and reduce costs by requiring less oversight.

Illustration of NetBackup Simplify and automated operate


Use orchestrated, automated, at-scale backup and disaster recovery for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform, unstructured Windows/Linux files, and VMs.


Reduce costs and maximize storage efficiency with global, end-to-end deduplication.


Leverage multiple service levels for complex, multi-tiered applications.


Monitor compliance with the most stringent SLAs via audit reports and non-disruptive recovery rehearsals.

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Discover the amazing possibilities that Veritas can offer to your organization!

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