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RPA is a term for a software technology that automate human
activities, such as rule-based, manual and repetitive tasks.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The Power of Automation


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) lets software robots take away the boring and repetitive tasks from your key business processes. Mundane work becomes fast, error-free and automated.

Benefit of Robotic Process Automation

Better Accuracy

rpa robotic process automation compliance.png

Software robots never get tired and never make mistakes. They are compliant and consistent

Improved Compliance

Everything robots do is monitored. They execute reliably, reducing risk

robotic process automation compliance.jpg

Fast Cost Savings

RPA can reduce processing costs by up to 60%. In less than 12 months, most enterprises see a positive ROI

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Super Scalable

RPA performs a massive number of operations in parallel. Additional robots can be deployed quickly

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Increase Speed & Productivity

Employees are the first to appreciate the benefits of RPA as it removes non-value-add activities

robotic process automation software.png



RPA can drive savings of as

much as 60%



As many as 80% of your standard, rules-based processes can be automated using robots



When properly implemented,

RPA delivers 100% data

accuracy with zero errors.

32 X


An automated process with
RPA can be 32 times faster
than doing it manually

What Can RPA Do?

rpa in finance.jpg


• Process-to-pay

• Order-to-cash

• Record-to-report

rpa in supply chain logistik.jpg

Supply Chain

• Inventory management

• Demand & supply

• Planning

robotic process automation for it.jpg


• Server & app monitoring

• Routine maintenance & monitoring

robotic process automation for hrd.jpg


• Payroll

• Onboarding & offboarding

• Benefits administration

rpa for customer services.jpg

Customer Services

• Address change

• Password reset

• Payments

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Convert all kinds of documents into digital data with a high level of precision. No need for manual input, from handwriting, printing, and faxing, to taking photographs of documents. Anyone can experience it immediately from the day they begin using it
optical character recognition ocr.png
optical character recognition ocr.gif

Use Cases:

supply chain with rpa.jpg

Supply Chain

rpa for supply chain.jpg

Product and Services

rpa products and services automation.jpg
handling product and services rpa.jpg

Products and Services

oparations automation rpa.jpg


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Transform your business with cutting-edge RPA technology
Increase your business productivity with innovative RPA solutions
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Be the first in your industry to adopt RPA and take your business to the next level
Save time and resources with smart RPA implementation
Automate routine task with RPA and Free up your team to focus on more important task
Improve your responsiveness with RPA that helps reduce response time
Enhance accuracy and speed with RPA that processes data faster
Integrate easily with you existising business systems to maximize RPA benefits
Gain a competitive edge with RPA that effectively automates your business
Make your life easier with RPA that can complete tasks quickly and accurately
Increase your team’s efficiency and productivity with RPA that help them complete tasks faster
Save time and money with RPA that helps you focus on business growth
Reduce human error risk with RPA that automates routine tasks
Speed up your business processes with fast and reliable RPA
Improve customer satisfaction with RPA that helps you provide better and more responsive services
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Make your business more competitive with RPA that helps you save time and resources
Achieve you business goals faster with RPA that increases productivity and efficiency
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Save time and energy with RPA that allows you to focus on more important task
Speed up your business processes with RPA that automates time-consuming task
Make your business more efficient and effective with RPA that helps you save time and money
Reduce operational costs with RPA that Automates Routine task
Automate your business processes with RPA that helps you save time and energy
RPA is the key to unlocking your business’s full potensial
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Customer Engagement

improve customer with rpa.jpg
employee empowerment with rpa.jpg

Employee Empowerment

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Pengurangan risiko




Kecerdasan buatan

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Pemerikasaan audit

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Jenis- jenis Robot Process Automation (RPA)

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