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Power your data from edge to cloud with

HPE Alletra Storage

Seamlessly run any app without compromise from edge to cloud with a cloud experience for every workload.

HPE Alletra Product 2
HPE Alletra Product

Free yourself from the complexity of hybrid cloud

Maximize Cloud Operational HPE Alletra

Maximize your agility

Get a cloud operational and consumption experience for every application across its entire lifecycle and from edge to cloud

Efficiency performance HPE Alletra

Run any application

Meet every SLA with the right performance, resiliency, and efficiency to match the needs of any application

Hybrid Cloud HPE Alletra

Free your data

Unleash hybrid cloud with unified management, consistent data services, and seamless data mobility across clouds

Utilizing AI-Based Infrastructure

HPE Alletra Storage is industry's most advance AI for infrastructure improves performance, drives higher availability.

Experience Built for the Cloud

A cloud operational experience across workload-optimized system delivers the same agility and intuitive simplicity for every app

Consume as-a-service Everywhere

HPE Alletra storage avoid overprovisioning, reduce infrastructure costs, and gain agility with storage as-a-service.

AI-Based Infrastructure HPE Alletra
Build for Cloud HPE Alletra
Storage as-a-service HPE Alletra

HPE Alletra Features

Why HPE Alletra?

HPE Alletra Storage simplifies operations and lets you move faster with a cloud experience everywhere. Put your storage on autopilot with AIOps for infrastructure, ensuring that your apps are always on and always fast. Stop managing infrastructure and start simply accessing and utilizing it as a service and on demand.


Operational time savings


Data availability guaranteed


IT Resource Saving

Simple deployment in minutes

Invisible upgrades without disruptions

HPE Alletra Storage managed via HPE GreenLake edge to cloud platform

Intent-based provisioning helps eliminate guesswork

Manage from anywhere for simple cloud experience

HPE Alletra Products

HPE Alletra 9000 Series

HPE Alletra 9000 Product

HPE Alletra 9000 is ideally suited for mission-critical workloads with extreme latency sensitivity and availability requirements.

HPE Alletra 6000 Series

HPE Alletra 6000 Product

HPE Alletra 6000 designed for business-critical workloads with strict availability and performance SLAs. Built on an ultra-efficient architecture for fast, consistent performance and industry-leading data efficiency.

HPE Alletra 5000 Series

HPE Alletra 5000 Product

HPE Alletra 5000 is a cloud native data infrastructure platform adaptively designed for a mix of primary workloads and secondary backup and disaster recovery.

3D Product Overview

Experience the flexibility and high-performance storage solutions for various workloads with HPE Alletra.

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