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Scary Facts

damage cost predicted in 2023 because of cybercrime

$8 Trillion


ransomware groups target ICS and OT Environment

33 Billion

records stolen by cybercriminals in 2023

OT Component


Data Acquisition System


Industrial Control System


Distributed Control Systems

Standard OT Security

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Framework OT Security





  • OT Cybersecurity Program Development mengembangkan perencanaan dan strategi untuk mengamankan lingkungan OT.

  • OT Security Incident Response mengembangkan rencana strategis, taktis, dan operasional menanggapi insiden siber di lingkungan OT.

  • OT Security Risk Assessment mengidentifikasi risiko siber di lingkungan OT dan mengembangkan tindakan mitigasi untuk menghilangkan risiko


  • OT Security Testing mengidentifikasi kerentanan pada lingkungan OT dan memulihkan layanan dan sistem yang rentan.

  • OT Awareness Training memberikan kesadaran yang tepat kepada karyawan atau staf terkait dengan ancaman siber, kerentanan, dan risiko di lingkungan OT.

  • OT Cyber Asset Management memberikan solusi yang memadai untuk mengelola aset di lingkungan OT.

  • OT Vulnerability Management memberikan solusi penilaian kerentanan rutin pada aset OT.


  • OT Managed Detection and Response (MDR) memberikan solusi layanan terkelola dari deteksi ancaman pada lingkungan OT dan bagaimana menanggapi ancaman tersebut

  • OT Security Operation Center (SOC) menyediakan solusi layanan terkelola untuk memantau peristiwa dan ancaman dunia siber pada lingkungan OT.

  • OT Threat Detection System memberikan solusi untuk mendeteksi dan mencegah ancaman pada jaringan OT.

  • OT Tabletop Exercise untuk mensimulasikan insiden siber di lingkungan OT dan bagaimana pemangku kepentingan akan menanggapinya.


  • Digital Forensic and Incident Response pada jaringan OT


Benefit of OT Security

Preventing Equipment and Industrial System from getting hacked

Strengthening IT and OT security in facilities

Improve Operational Efficiency

Our OT Security Advantages

purpose built ot security.JPG

Purpose-Built OT Security

Industrial-grade firewalls, switches, and access points leverage important features and capabilities rated for outdoor use. These features include: dual power supplies with heat sinks, redundant power supplies, and the ability to be mounted on DIN rails.

ot security dedicated team.JPG

Dedicated OT-Experienced Team

Brings validated support for the unique cybersecurity needs of industries like oil and gas, transportation, energy, power and utilities, and manufacturing. This extends to strategic partnerships with industrial-automation-control vendors. 

threat intelligence ot security.JPG

Specialized OT Threat Intelligence

Our solution monitors over 70 OT protocols and 500 signatures of known vulnerabilities in OT environments. Dedicated threat intelligence provides an effective way to protect your organization from today’s sophisticated OT-specific threats.

integrated ecosystem ot security.JPG

Integrated Ecosystem

Open ecosystem approach extends the benefits of the Security Fabric to unique OT solutions through FabricAPIs and DevOps tools. This provides industrial organizations the ability to integrate industrial solutions with the Security Fabric to attain advanced end-to-end security across their infrastructures.

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