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DMS for your distributed and mobile workforce

When you build a Digital Transformation, you need an agile, mobile, distributed workforce. With DMS' mobile workforce solutions, you can develop new productivity models anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Effortlessly capture. Instantly access. Always secure.

Document management and workflow automation mean business information for current processes. There should be no restrictions on accessing the right documents and completing the right processes.

Sales in the field

Archived emails, quotes, invoices, quotes, contracts, presentations and other aspects of centralized customer records can be used on the go, in the customer's office or during meetings with partners.


Traveling managers

Contracts, HR documents, financial reports and presentations are a click away for managers out of the office. DocuWare works on smartphones, tablets and laptops, so getting information and completing workflows is always possible.

Distributed offices

DMS keeps the flow of information seamless between all teams, no matter their office location. Instant, cloud-accelerated workflow ensures all transactions are real-time everywhere.

Working from home

Teams and individuals are working from home more often than ever. Slow VPNs and messy network drives are productivity killers. DocuWare enables centralized, instant access to documents and workflow.


Solutions for the any-X team

Your team’s best work can happen outside the walls and limitations of a traditional office. By embracing the inherent flexibility of mobile, every knowledge worker can drive workflow forward in their business context.

For example:

Start a workflow: Snap a picture of a document and kick off a new process based on automatically indexed data

Participate in processes: Route documents for approval, provide additional information or simply perform an ad-hoc search

Complete tasks: Approve queries and make informed decisions without delays

The “any-X” strategy supports real-time, agile business that need to operate beyond walls, working hours and stationary desktops. It reflects the distributed model of worker empowerment: any time, any place, any device.


Time zones and hectic travel schedules are no longer a hurdle. Keep business moving in an asynchronous world.

Keep connected anywhere in the world: on the road, from a home office, in a satellite office, or anywhere with a network connection.

All technologies are welcome: smartphones, tablets, laptops; Mac, Windows, iOS, Android; WiFi or 4G.

With browser-based clients and worldwide data centers, teams are syncronized in their productivity.

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