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ICT Infrastructure

Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure or ICT Infrastructure of Netmarks Indonesia has 20+ years of experience including data center, UTP & FO Cabling, etc.

ICT Infrastructure Illustration

ICT Capabilities

ICT Infrastructure Capabilites Netmarks Indonesia

Our ICT Infrastructure Features

Maintaining systems, hardware, and software running optimally and minimizing the risk of failure or downtime. This activity is carried out to keep the ICT system running optimally, including preventive, corrective, and predictive maintenance.

Disaster Recovery

Processes and procedures to recover systems and data after a disaster, ensuring continuity of business operations. We provide disaster recovery on premises and cloud to adjust your company needs.

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Network Security

Protect network infrastructure from various threats, such as unauthorized access, hacking, DDoS attacks, malware, and more.

ICT Infrastructure Network Security Illustration
Routing and VPN Gateway

Routing and VPN Gateway

Manages network traffic and provides VPN access.

Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion prevention to protect the network from attacks.

Anti-virus and malware ICT Infrastructure

Anti-Virus and Malware

Complete protection from viruses and malware.

Network & WAF ICT Infrastructure

Network & Web App Firewall

Firewall to protect the network and web apps.

Data Center

DC Rack ICT Infrastructure

Data Center Rack

Organize hardware, optimize space usage, and simplify device management.

WLAN ICT Infrastructure


Provide flexibility and convenience with WLAN for data access and communication.

UPS ICT Infrastructure


A UPS is critical to ensure that hardware such as servers, storage, and networks remain operational without interruption.

IP Camera

IP Camera

IP Camera serves as a surveillance device that allows remote monitoring over a local network or the internet.

LAN Cabling

LAN Construction

LAN (Local Area Network) construction serves as the main foundation in ICT infrastructure to connect devices in a limited area.

Video Conference

Video Conference

Enables virtual assemblies that are close to face-to-face and real time interactions, even if the participants are separated.



Fulfill a wide range of computing needs from individual users to more complex work environments.

Protect devices and data from threats, and ensure efficient and secure management of all endpoints connected to the network.

ICT Infrastructure - Endpoint Session
Notebook and PC ICT Infrastructure
ICT Infrastructure AV Endpoint Management
ICT Infrastructure Office 365
ICT Infrastructure Multi Function Printer
ICT Infrastructure IP Phone

Office 365

Provides a range of integrated productivity applications and services of Office 365 to support any business.

IP Phone

An IP Phone is a modern telecommunications device that uses IP-based data networks for voice communications.

Multi Function Printer

A multi-function printer (MFP) is a hardware device that combines several functions such as printing, scanning, copying, and in some cases, faxing, in a single device.

Fulfill your ICT Needs with us

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