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Pudu Robotics Delivery and Collecting Robot

We are Pudu Robotics Authorized Reseller

Delivery and Collecting Robot


Product Features :

  • Superior Mobility. C Shaped body allows the robot to go through a clearance of only 55cm.

  • Customized Advertisement; The ad display can display promotional materials in the customized zone, providing a more eye-catching approach for marketing.

  • Customer Attraction with AI voice interaction intelligently greets and interacts with passing through customers.

  • Greeting & Escorting.

  • AI Voice Interaction; 360° Sound localization, echo cancellation, noise supression, reverberation elimination technology.

  • Multiple Delivery Modes.

  • Automatic Recharging.

  • Automatic Localization and Navigation; System Laser & visual dual navigation solution helps to detect obstacles accurately.

Delivery & Reception
Robot with an Ad Display

Specification :

  • Machine dimension: 451x436x1103mm

  • Machine weight: 38kg

  • Carrying weight: 30kg

  • Battery life: >8h

  • Ad display dimension: 18.5"

  • Charging time: 4.5h

  • Cruise speed: Max 1.2m/s

  • Clearance: 55cm

Puductor 2

Product Features :

  • 2L/H Ultrasonic Dry Mist Disinfection. 15L huge volume: Customers do not need to replenish the disinfectant solution frequently.

  • 188μW/cm² UV-C Disinfection. 4 x 36w ozone-free UV lamp equipped, achieving an industry-leading ultraviolet illumination of 188μW/cm² [2] at 1 meter.

  • Max 6H Disinfection Time

  • 15L Reservoir Capacity

  • 360° Sterilization

  • Boil-dry Protection and Low-level Warning

  • Automatic Localization and Navigation System

  • Automatic Recharging

Disinfectant Robot

Specification :

  • Machine Dimension: 544x538x1290mm

  • Machine Weight: 60kg

  • Battery Capacity: 51.2Ah

  • Reservoir Capacity: 15L

  • Working Voltage: 24 Volt

  • Motion Sensor: Yes

  • UV-C Lamp Protector: Yes

  • Solution Inlet& Outlet: Yes

  • Max Climbing Angle: 5°

  • Irradiation Intensity atone meter: 188 μW/cm² , UV-C(254nm) distance

  • Effective Disinfection distance: 3 meters

  • Disinfection Time: Max 6H (Automatic Recharging)

  • Cruise Speed: 0.1-1.2m/s (Adjustable)

  • Disinfectant Solution: Hydrogen Peroxide( H2O2), Hypochlorous Acid( HClO),Chlorine Dioxide(ClO₂),etc.


Product Features :

  • 3D Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance. Minimum height of object detection; 2cm, obstacle detection frequency up to 5400 times per minute. Front detection angle up to 192.64°, front obstacle detection range >10m.

  • Light Interaction, different task statuses trigger corresponding light effects, making the status indication clearer.

  • Touch for feedback

  • Smart Expressions

  • Infrared Induction Tray

  • Power Exchange Technology, faster battery replacement. 24/7 operations.

  • RGBD 3* depth camera with the strongest three-dimensional perception. Accurately detect and stop when encountering obstacles with 0.5 response time.

  • Auto-Level Independent Linkage Suspension. Damping can be altered according to different floor conditions

  • Pudu Scheduler, each robot can directly communicate in the same network, and quickly calculate and make decisions.

  • Pudu Cloud, a powerful cloud intelligent service support: business management platform, automated operation, maintenance platform, scenario data collection platform, and cloud intelligent service platform.

Innovative Delivery

Specification :

  • Machine dimension 565*537*1290mm

  • Robot weight: 57kg

  • Machine material: ABS/Aviation-grade aluminum alloy

  • Charging time: : 4.5 H

  • Battery life: 12-24H (Replaceable Battery)

  • Laser Positioning: Code-free with no height restrictions

  • Safety: Speed 0.5-1.2m/s(Adjustable) Climbing    angle: ≤ 5°

  • Load capacity: Max 40kg,10kg/tray

  • Positioning method: Marker Positioning: Supports a maximum height of 8 meters (optional high-level code)


An Intelligent Delivery Robot

Product Features :

  • VSLAM, provides more precise positioning and more stable operation.

  • L3D obstacle avoidance solution provides faster perception and safer delivery.

  • Adjustable Tray. 3*metal trays of 42*50cm

  • Interactive Light Strip, Clearer operating instructions.

  • LIDAR; New generation radar. 

  • Global Audio.

  • Visual Positioning.

  • All-aluminium Frame.

  • 3D Obstacle Avoidance, can quickly stereo model the surrounding environment.

  • New Suspension.

  • Flexible Dish Cover; modular design, easy to install contactless delivery, and safer services.

  • Pudu Scheduler

  • Pudu Cloud

Specification :

  • Machine dimension: 516*500*1288mm

  • Robot weight: 35kg

  • Machine material: ABS/Aviation-grade aluminum alloy

  • Charging time: 4 H

  • Battery life: 10-24H (Replaceable Battery)

  • Safety: Speed 0.5-1.2m/s(Adjustable)

  • Load capacity: 13kg/tray,Max 30kg

Dish Cover Specifications :

  • Cover material: Plexiglass/ Magnesium Aluminum Alloy

  • Cover weight: 8kg

  • Cover dimensions: 422*422*710mm

  • Door-opening control: : Magnetic switch



Product Features :

  • Ultra-large Capacity; 60Kg carrying capacity, volume of 120L, 4 large-capacity trays

  • Pagering Function, call and assign tasks to the robot at any time.

  • Sound Tracking Hola Hola" voice recognition; a 6-array omnidirectional microphone to locate sound source in real time.

  • IPX5 Waterproof Inner Cabin

  • 3D Obstacle Avoidance Sensor with RGBD camera

  • All-aluminum body; structurally stable, antioxidant and corrosion resistant

  • Brand New Laser Radar

  • Visual Camera Positioning Top infrared camera for real-time  positioning.

Collect & Delivery Robot

Specification :

  • Machine dimension: 565*537*1290mm

  • Robot weight: 57kg

  • Machine material: ABS/Aviation-grade aluminum alloy

  • Charging time: 4.5 H

  • Battery lifetime: 10-24H (power exchangeable)

  • Cruise speed: 0.5~1.2m/s adjustable

  • Capacity of single shelf: 15kg

  • Shelf dimension: 475mm×400mm

  • Standard Shelf Height: 228mm/198mm/198mm/190mm 

Pager Parameters :

  • Waterproof rating weight: IP67

  • Suitable for space: 3000㎡[3]

  • LCD Screen Size:1.3 inch TFT 

  • Communication Scheme: LoRa Ad Hoc Network

IIoT atau Industrial Internet of Things adalah teknologi yang memungkinkan peralatan industry terhubung dan berkomunikasi dengan jaringan internet.

Where Can Pudu Robotics Be Used?

Indutrial Internet of Things (IIoT) merupakan trend utama dalam dunia indutri modern yang memberikan kemampuan untuk menghubungkan dan mengintegrasikan system otomasi indutri

IIoT dapat membantu perusahaan meningkatkan efisiensi operasional dan produktivitas, serta megurangi biaya produksi.

IIoT can helps you to operate more efficiently, lower your production costs, improve the processes and also the quality of your production.

Real Estate.jpg

IIoT memungkinkan pengumpulan dan pemrosesan data secara real-time untuk memberikan informasi yang lebih akurat dan lebih cepat dalam pengambilan keputusan.

Coffe Shop.png

IIoT dapat membantu perusahaan mengidentifikasi potensi kerusakan atau masalah pada peralatan industry sebelum terjadi

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