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IP-Guard Data Security

IP-Guard Data Loss Prevention

Secure your business from data loss prevention with IP-Guard control system that also has record, control, audit and document encryption function

Reliable and trustworthy to protect your business data anywhere

Ensure data security illustration


Modular System Features

IP-Guard is divided into 17 function modules, generally divided into 3 categories: computer usage recording, control and IT asset control. Corporate can customize IT needs and budget to purchase suitable modules.

Ensure data security

Record. Control. Audit

IP-Guard focuses on the areas where corporate data is most likely to be leaked or lost, by providing record, control and audit functions, all computer usage behavior, including peripherals, can be easily observed.

IP Guard system features


IP-Guards Consist of 17 Modules



Endpoint Data Protection

Business owners want to keep data in original state and it must not be altered or transferred without permission. IP Guard helps business effectively manage the threats and risk to business information, and safeguard what organization value.

Confidential data that IP Guard could protect


Instant Messaging

Instant message potentially bring data leakage, IP-Guard could secure any threats within instant messaging.


IP-Guard ensure your email are sent and received securely without worry.


Directly data sending between devices without intermediary potentially bring data leak.


Copy  and Paste

Copy Paste

Data transfer between device through copy and paste could possibly threaten company data.

USB drive vector

USB Drive

The USB Drive could bring internal data outside, company should be aware of their data.


IP Guard could secure printer system from data leakage

Printed data could misappropriated if company doesn't correctly control access.


File transfer protocol IP Guard vector

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP often to be the media to transfer files, but can be a potential pathway for the data leakage.

IP Guard protect from unwanted Wi-Fi connection


Wi-Fi is vulnerable target of numerous threats so company must control the wi-fi access.


IP Guard secure data sending from HTTPS or directly

Directly data sending between devices without intermediary potentially bring data leak.

Why IP Guard

Comprehensive Data Protection

IP-Guard assist your company to prevent:

Data Leakage

IP-Guard can effectively stop data leakage, which is the potential disclosure of sensitive company information to unauthorized parties.


IP-Guard assists in protecting devices from malicious malware that can damage or infect computer systems.

System Performance

IP-Guard is effective in optimizing and monitoring endpoint system performance, ensuring that the system operates at peak efficiency.


IP-Guard helps companies manage application usage and resources in a way that boosts productivity while ensuring data security

IP-Guard Comprehensive Protection
IP Guard Characteristics

IP Guard Features

IP-Guard Characteristics

Total Control for User Behavior

Manage endpoint workstation operation activities, software and hardware assets, remote control and maintenance with just one console.

Statistics and Reports View

It automatically analyzes the workstation usage of each endpoint and provides various statistics and reports. Reports include updated Windows information, Windows vulnerability and software license information.

Comperhensive record and log automation

Comprehensive Record and log automation Record a wide range of endpoint workstation operations and activities based on the policy applied. Endpoint workstation software and hardware asset changes and screen history are also included.


System Management

IP Guard Multi-Screen Monitoring

View up to 16 end-user screen at once and auto switch between end user screens.

IP Guard Comprehensive Control

Over 29 system related setting or function related privileges

*Support Citrix / MS Terminal

IP Guard Multi-Screen Monitoring
IP Guard Comprehensive Control

Your Business Data are Valuable. Protect them now!

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